Have you searched for something on Google yet today?

Maybe you have used it to order a product online or find the best restaurant in town.

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches every day.

That is about 40,000 per second!

How are you supposed to get a search engine like Google to notice that your business exists and rank it above your competitors?

There are two ways to market your business through search engines like Google.

They are Google© Direct™ and Google© Indirect.

So which one should your business use?

Google© Direct™ is a proprietary Digital Lead Generation System that combines a number of key items to produce results.

It involves going to Google directly and Boosting Reviews, Optimizing Listings, Maximizing Social Media and Completing Google My Business.

Individually, these components are an integral part of any modern local business.

Sync all of them together results in more Local Leads, Improved Online Presence and Business Growth.

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