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Announcing the 2014 Meeting Planning Professionals Survey Findings
Feedback Systems designed this survey as an ongoing study to assess trends in the meetings industry. This online survey was sent to industry professionals and asked them to weigh-in on important topics such as attendance metrics, around-the-block hotel bookings, logistics, and more.

Through this survey—and more like it—our goal is to provide timely information on trends in attendee satisfaction, quality of service, and return on investment measures so you can benchmark your meeting and make better strategic decisions. We set out to uncover the biggest challenges that meeting planners face and to better understand the planner’s perspective.

The result is a telling snapshot of the “large meeting” marketplace that will help you understand how your meeting compares with others of a similar scale. Find out what the four key findings of the 2014 survey are by downloading a copy today.

Linking Customer Satisfaction Measurement to Financial Performance
One of the main benefits of customer satisfaction research is the capability to observe trends on indicators that are directly tied to financial performance. As a result, companies can use their ongoing measurement program as an early warning/detection system to monitor performance, detect drops and to determine how to take corrective action. Read more

Components of a Reliable Customer Satisfaction Program
One of the primary indicators of successful business performance is Customer Satisfaction Measurement. Companies benefit from listening to their customers and taking notice of what they say about their strengths and weaknesses. The key is to be knowledgeable about the required process and procedures to use. Read more

Tying Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty to Employee Incentive Pay
Tying compensation to customer feedback is an excellent way to get everyone on the same page and appropriately focused on the need to always put the customer first. Read more


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