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Online Presence Score Card

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Complete accurate representation of your online presence.

The Online Presence Score Card is an award-winning marketing needs assessment that arms  you with automated insights into your business’s online marketing performance. 

Online Presence Score Card

What is Your Online Presence Score?

Get a real-time calculation of your online presence across all consumer touchpoints.


Know Your Score

Your business receives multiple sources of feedback across a broad and ever-expanding ecosystem of data sources. Online Presence Score Card takes into account all factors affecting your online presence — star ratings, online reviews, business listings, social engagement and more — for a 360-degree view of your business performance.

See How You Compare

Online Presence Score Card tracks scores for thousands of businesses across industries. You’ll see how your score measures up relative to industry and best-in-class benchmarks — and you’ll understand at a glance how you fare against your competitors.


Monitor in Real time

One review can have measurable impact. Our sophisticated, patented algorithms are used to calculate your unique score and update it to reflect changes in real time. No more surprises — you’ll know when to take action.

Best Marketing Tool
Street Fight Magazine, 2016

Best Solution that Leads to Transaction
SIINDA, 2017

Uncover your marketing performance in six categories:

Business listings, Reviews, Social Media, Website, Digital Advertising, & SEO.